What a wonderful concert last night. I was there with four friends and we sat enthralled by such moving, exciting, exhilarating music. (Audience member, January 2023)


Young American/British conductor Johann Stuckenbruck showed tremendous ability with the orchestra and paid close attention to the needs of the soloist too, resulting in a thrilling performance. (Herts Advertiser, September 2022)

Amadeus and Simon Thompson once more excelled in their performance, presenting a tight crispness of play in an excellent performance. Once more they proved themselves to be in the top flight of pro-am orchestras. (Herts Advertiser, May 2022)

The orchestra was in outstanding form and gave one of its best ever performances. (Herts Advertiser, January 2020)


Sometimes the complete mix of performers and choice of programme and perhaps a sprinkling of audience enthusiasm make for something just a little special. This was one of those nights. (Herts Advertiser, September 2019)


Amadeus is renowned for its fine performances, but Adam Hickox took them to new heights with his excellent direction. (Herts Advertiser, January 2019)

The orchestral accompaniment was a delight, as was the performance of the Brandenburg Concerto [No. 3] ... this performance was good enough to rival many professional orchestras. (Herts Advertiser, December 2018)


It’s hard to think that there would have been a better performed concert anywhere in the UK on Saturday. Once more it proved that the standard by Amadeus is at least as good as any regional orchestra in Europe. (Herts Advertiser, January 2018)


It would be extremely hard to fault anything in the concert at St Albans Cathedral on Saturday, which saw a coming together of the Mosaic Chamber Choir and the Amadeus Chamber Orchestra. […] The whole evening was one of pure delight, demonstrating the great skills of all concerned. (Herts Advertiser, December 2017)

Once more Simon Thompson gave an impressive demonstration of just how a conductor should work with soloist and orchestra to bring about a happy conjunction. (Herts Advertiser, September 2016)

The whole concert was a delight with excellent performances from all concerned. Amadeus and Simon Thompson once more provided music of the highest standard. (Herts Advertiser, May 2016)


Once more Amadeus demonstrated their fine musical abilities and showed that they are more than capable of competing with many fully professional orchestras. (Herts Advertiser, September 2015)


Amadeus and their conductor Simon Thompson gave their audience an outstanding evening of well played music in a balanced and thoroughly enjoyable programme. (Herts Advertiser, January 2014)


For many in the audience Frances Poulenc’s Sinfonietta was also a revelation. Simon Thompson and the members of Amadeus did a tremendous job in bringing such an expertly performed rarity to their audience. (Herts Advertiser, September 2013)